Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

The Spirituality of Waiting: The Feast of the Ascension (Mt 28:16-20) (7 ET)

May 23, 2020

Christ ascended so that He could be present everywhere, in us His Body. By our baptism we are called to be priests; prophets and kings/queens. But the disciples were told to wait for the Holy Spirit before beginning to be Christ's witnesses. We hate to wait don't we? Waiting for churches to reopen, waiting to go "back to normal". We hate waiting because it reminds us that ultimately we are not in control. God is. But the spirituality of waiting has much more to teach us; how to live in the present, how to learn God's language, how to grow closer to God, to recognize that He is God and we are His creation, and more...

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