Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

The Prosperity Gospel comes by Way of the Cross: A Franciscan Homily (Mt 10:37-42) (13 OT)

June 28, 2020

Many preach a prosperity Gospel. It is true the Gospel is Good News, it brings the fullness of Life (Jn 10:10) but it comes, as we hear today, by way of the cross. We must die to self, to live in Christ. Life in Christ is fullness of life, perfect freedom and love, but it comes by laying down oneself for Jesus, and if we do that, it will be laying down one's life for others; "If you love Me, feed my sheep." (Jn 21:15-17). Love of self, ego, selfishness and greed, are the cause of all the world's problems. So often the issues of our world are cloaked in politics, they are really morality. So often our political differences are a rationalization for selfishness. Life is best lived when poured out for the other, it is what Christ did for us, and what is contained in the famous prayer of St. Francis. 

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