Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

The Greatest Attribute of God is Mercy. But what is it Really? How do we share in it? (Jn 20:19-31) (2 ET)

April 18, 2020

God Forgives us for our sin, thus reconciling us back to Himself, and therefore sharing with us the Divine Life we forfeited. As great as this is, it is not His Mercy. His Mercy is shown not in that He forgives, but How He Forgives.. He comes to us! He reconciles us even before our perfect contrition, even before we know how bad we need it. And if He treats us this way, should not we who are created in His Image and Likeness do the same? We share in His Mercy by ourselves becoming Ambassadors of His Mercy, going out, reconciling, forgiving, serving, and building up the community. In the world response to the pandemic, we see signs that deep down this is the kind of world we all long for. A world where our highest priority is helping one another be healthy, whole and have what they need to live. It is common to us. Let us move forward and build that world, not backwards restoring the status quo. 

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