Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

Judgement: It’s a Good Thing! (Mt 10:26-33) (12 OT)

June 20, 2020

We think of Judgement as a bad or scary thing. It is not meant to be. It is a time when the one who loves us, notices all the good we've done. That brings us great joy, not because of pride, but because the one whom we loved has noticed and acknowledges what we've done in love. So, be Christians who are Unafraid, to do Good, to witness to Jesus, not only in the big things, but the many small things that we forget over the years, and also that affect others in ways we do not even know. In the end, we will see all these as we are shown them by Jesus, and He will embrace us, and say "Come inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world."

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