Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

I’m a Good Person, God Loves Me, I Don’t Have to Go to Church (Lk 13:1-9) (3 LT)

March 24, 2019

I hear it often said, "Father I'm a good person, I know God loves me, I don't have to go to church." I wonder what would be God's response to this statement?  Today's Gospel, and also today's second reading from 1 Cor 10:1-6,10-12) tell us that we are all sinners, and we all need God's Mercy. Yet most of us, like our ancestors, go about our life complaining to God, not being Grateful, and pursuing other loves in our life, while our True Love "Wants to seduce us, lead us into the desert, and speak to our hearts." (Hosea 2:16). This lent, why don't we make room for that miracle? 

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