Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

How to Stay Awake: Prayer with Scripture; Sacrament; Service; Study (PSSS) (Mt25:1-13) (32 OT)

November 8, 2020

This parable of the ten virgins gives us a great image of what our life now is like, as we prepare for the coming of the Bridegroom (Jesus). During this time between the two comings of Christ we should focus on; deepening our spirituality, simplifying our life, and sharing the Light of Christ with others.  Jesus asks us to "Stay Awake", so that his delay will be an opportunity for more to be saved. Here are some practical tips; Pray with Scripture, receive the Sacraments, Serve one another, and Study (PSSS).  Additionally, live in the moment day by day. 

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