Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church: Catholic Sunday Homilies

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September 21, 2018

How to Find Homilies on this Podcast

Using the Search feature, enter the Gospel Passage you'd like, using the abbreviations:

Mt = Matthew, Mk = Mark, Lk = Luke, Jn = John.

If you simply enter e.g. Mk (and then search) you will find all the homilies on the Gospel of Mark. 

If you know the particular passage; you may also enter e.g. Mk 7:31-37


Additionally, in the Catholic Church the liturgical year is divided into 5 different seasons:

OT = Ordinary Time, AD = Advent, CH = Christmas, LT = Lent, and EA = Easter.

If you simply enter e.g. OT (and then search) you will get all the homilies of Ordinary Time.

If you know the particular week you wish, you may enter e.g. 19 OT (for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time).


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